LightSchool is now available on GitHub

Posted by on 2018-01-06 at 19:07

Starting today, LightSchool is available as a free and open source software at GitHub.
Everything started back in 2012 and lasted until the end of 2016 when I had to drop the develop due to study duties. Over the years, it had a lot of improvements such as new features, brand new interfaces and a lot of bug fixes.
LightSchool is shipped with the Apache 2.0* license which allows you to do about everything you want with the software, but you will have to include the required notice (see tl;dr legal).
Now it's your turn to improve LightSchool and share it with the world!

Get started now by browsing the official repository on GitHub:

This site and LightSchool are not affiliated with or endorsed by the Open Source Initiative.
* Although LightSchool is shipped with Apache 2.0, not all of its libraries use an OSI approved license.