Hello, I'm Francesco Sorge

I'm a student and a website and software developer.

About me

I was born in Padova (Italy) in 1997. I've been studying programming languages since I was 12. I first started by building a web browser for Windows 7 with Visual Basic. At 15, I built my first website which had also a very powerful and complex web app (see LightSchool for more details).

As my experience increased, I've been asked to build websites from scratch for my friends.

Now I'm 21 years old and I'm still building websites, software programs and learning new programming languages.


I graduated at EinaudiGramsci High School in Administration, Finance and Marketing with a specialization in Business information systems with a grade of 83 out of 100. My term paper is available here and here.

My school gave me a beginner level of Java and Microsoft Access. Besides that, I learned a lot of programming languages by myself such as: Visual Basic, HTML, CSS, JS (and Jquery), PHP, Ajax and Python. I have also improved my Java skills by attending a couple of english courses.

In 2017, I got my B2 level certification in English issued by Cambridge English scoring 180 out of 180 (C1 level) in the writing section.

I'm currently studying Computer science at University of Padova (Italy).

After graduating, I chose to study at ICT Kennedy (Pordenone, Italy) in their 'Cloud and Backend Developer' class.


2009 - 2011

Ribbons Browser

A web browser with Microsoft Ribbon UI

Ribbons Browser used to have Microsoft Ribbon as its user interface (the same one used in Microsoft Office 2007) and, besides surfing the web, it also had bookmark, history and safe navigation features. It was also very customizable.
The project was rewritten from zero different times and it is now lost.
Ribbons Browser was made with Visual Basic and Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate.


Official forum signature

A signature created by me which became the official signature for "Windowsette" forum replacing the previous one.

Have a look >


Hack for Windows 8

A way to change "Start" text to whatever you want

Have you ever thinked to change the "Start" text in Windows 8? Well, it is as easy as drinking a coffee if you have the right application and some basic skill with .dll files.
Thanks to the hack I discovered it is now possibile. Follow the next steps to change "Start" text from Windows 8's immersive start menu to whatever you want.

Have a look >

2012-05-27 - 2016-09

LightSchool Legacy

My most important work until 2017!

At a first glance it might look a classic operating system with resizable and movable windows and a lot of settings such as setting wallpapers, changing taskbar and menu color and so on.
But it is a website! Built with pure HTML, CSS, Jquery and PHP, I created from scratch the whole system that manages dialog boxes, windows, the taskbar, the start menu and everything! An Android app was also available.
On november 2017, I decided to put it back online again as a demo.

 Check the beta >



Randomizer's goal was to organize and manage FIFA 13 tournaments run by VFL Esports. The software was developed to be used only by VFL Esports but since it's no longer being used, I decided to share it. Besides the software being very basic and simple, it now requires some configurations because its activation server has gone offline long time ago. Download is available for free.


Fallout World Expansion

A mod for Bethesda Fallout 3 with 800 endorsements and more than 10k unique DLs

This mod opens up some game area that aren't explorable due to rubbles like in some DC areas.
It adds new areas to The Citadel (the Pentagon), a new way to get to Grayditch, a destroyed and esplorable White House, new police and Secret Service's cars and a lot more!

2015 - 2016


A school's team project with work-related learning

BioPatAgrium was a school project I partecipated with a team of about 30 students and 10 teachers. This project goal was to build an immaginary company by following the same-exact steps as you would do in the reality. We wrote a business plan, planned marketing strategies and a lot more. I was in charge of building the official website, the e-shop and an app (a mini-game) for Windows and Android.

 Try the app >

2016 - 2017


A school's team project with work-related learning

Similar to the previous one, but in COMFORTit I was the CEO of the company and my duties where to coordinate different departments, building the website and managing the whole digital aspect, doing graphical works and writing reports and reviewing others'.
You can try one of our product "HomeBoard", just go to the website and do a "test drive". The password for "EinaudiGramsci Scuola" account is "server2012".



A software developed for testing purposes at the university.

In order to consolidate and expanding my knowledge about what I learnt in the Programming course at the university, I developed a very simple software in C++ which takes in input a list of exams and then automatically calculates the weighted average. It even supports more university per student. The software doesn't have persistance so it will forget everything when exited. It supports Windows, GNU/Linux and macOS. The source code is published with the MIT license.


MyUni C#

C# edition of MyUni

A version developed in C# which offers more features than the original one written in C++, first of all this version manages more students at a once. This software has been developed with .NET Framework. The source code is published with the MIT license.

2018 - 2019


A hardware temperature manager

Developed in Java, it allows to set a threshold temperature for CPU and GPU and when it gets exceeded, TempMon automatically closes user-defined apps and/or shuts down your device (or reboot, put in standby, ...) and you can manage software settings in the cloud. The server-side software is written in PHP. TempMon is still being developed and will be available free of charge for Windows, GNU/Linux and macOS. The source code will be published with the MIT license.


Paste Into File

Windows application to paste clipboard contents into files directly

A small utility that works with File Explorer and, by right clicking into the desktop or a folder, it allows to paste directly into a new text file or an image.



Android app + web panel

It's both an App for Android and a web control managment system. It works by setting an unique token and establishing a secure connection with my server, which periodically sends the device's location. The web interface is used to check device's current position and its location history. OpenStreetMap is the provider of the interactive map.


Availability management

Friend's group management

The group on Whatsapp was a mess everytime we tried to decide a meeting's date and location, so I realized a simple web interface in which every member could set its week availability on a nice weekly view.



SkyrimQt is an arcade 2D videogame developed by me, for an university project for the 'Object-Oriented Programming' course.
SkyrimQt offers an exciting combat system and many weapons, shields and enemies.



Simple and lightweight

Photo Viewer for Windows is a very simple app meant to be fast and lightweight, replacing Windows 10's default Photo app which is really slow. It has been developed in C# with Visual Studio Enterprise 2019. It's available for download free of charge and you can also check and edit its source code, that's available at GitHub.




A new LightSchool!

New LightSchool is a completely redone, rebuilt from scratch, improved, faster, modern and safer version of the original LightSchool of 2016.
New LightSchool uses cryptography to protect user's data and uses modern technologies to deliver a better user experience. It's a completely different LightSchool from the original one of 2016!



Tired of pressing restart instead of shutdown in Windows 10 Start menu and having to wait for your PC to reboot? WinPower aims to solve this issue by providing a very simple yet powerful utility to shutdown, restart or hibernate your Windows computer.


Websites for third parties


Traslochi Santoro


VFLesport Asd




DerbySport Padova



Installed and configured a cloud software and trained employees


Segheria Petrin

Website built by a third party and integrated by me


I am Stefano Moretto and I am the president of VFL Esport Asd. We hired Francesco Sorge in order to create our website after we saw his praiseworthy quality in the LightSchool project.
We are very satisfied about the job he has done, his fast work and his consistent assitance.
We recommend him because it will be an honor to say, in the future, that he worked and contributed to the growth of our project..

Stefano Moretto (president of VFL Esport Asd)


Programming languages



JetBrains IntelliJ Idea Ultimate

JetBrains CLion

JetBrains PyCharm Professional

JetBrains PhpStorm

JetBrains Rider

JetBrains DataGrip

Microsoft Visual Studio

ActiveState Komodo Edit

Jupyter Notebook

Text editors


GNU Nano


Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows


Apple macOS



Software and general utilities


Command Prompt



Microsoft Office

Libre Office



Cambridge English PET (B1)


Work Health and Safety


LTC London


LTC London


Progetto BioPatAgrium


Progetto BioPatAgrium


Heartsaver CPR AED Course


Cambridge English FIRST (B2)


Progetto COMFORTit


Confindustria Luci sull'Impresa


Amazon Web Services


Google Digital Training

Certificate >


"Capture The Flag" - Network and Security

Progress chart >


MatLab Onramp

Certificate >


MongoDB M001

Certificate >


MongoDB M201

Certificate >


MongoDB M220P

Certificate >



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